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Hi my name is Colin Sabry I am 27 years old. I designed my first boardgame "The Quest", when i was 9 years old. Later on i came in contact with my first videogame "Prince of Persia" on the NES and then "The Settlers" for PC. Both games are the reason why i love strategy and puzzle games. Since 2012 I have been studying media science and media practice at the University of Bayreuth with a minor subject in computer science. During this time I got to know every important aspect in the production of digital media, especially video games. Since then i developed the needed skills to create more enjoyable games, both digital and analogue ones. I also have some experience in the field of journalism. In my opinion games give us the opportunity to tell stories in a more immersive and personal way, so we shouldn't miss the chance to create a new entertaining and cultural important type of media.

Contact Details

Colin Sabry
Rupprechtstraße 29
95444 Bayreuth

mobile: +49 160 7815735
email: da_sabry@web.de


University of Bayreuth

B.Sc. Polymer- and Colloidchemistry September 2008

I also have a degree in applied sciences. Working in the laboratory was a very interesting defining moment in my life, but it was never my true passion. My bachelor thesis had the title "Manufacturing of corefunctional nanostructures out of PB-b-PDMAEMA". I even worked in a cancer research team, but always felt empty inside and decided to follow my dreams and switched to a completely different course of studies.

University of Bayreuth

B.A. Media science and media practice September 2012

My major is an exception in combining technical, cultural and social contents. Courses like Unity3D essential training, Gameproduction and Gamestudies, helped me to improve my skills in those areas. I learned a lot in those two years, especially at the voluntary game jams I participated. I am planning to write my bachelors thesis about ludonarrative dissonance, cause I think it is very interesting to research the correlation between ludology and narration. I am currently searching for an internship to complete my graduation.



I was always interested in the theory and process of creating enjoyable games. Beside my studying I read a few books by well-known gamedesigners like "Eric Zimmerman" and "Ian Bogost". Beeing up to date is one of the most important parts of game design, so i always read blogs like "Gamasutra" or "Applied Game Design" to inform myself. Terms like modular level design or environmental storytelling are nothing new for me. But to make a good game you need to be able to convert the theory. So I participated in a few game jams to test my knowledge in a realstic situation. Having a good idea is only the first step.

3D Art

Due to the project I am currently working on, I started getting into the creation process of 3D-Assets. I developed an unique workflow which contains especially 3DSmax and Mudbox from Autodesk. So I am familiar with different Lowpoly modeling techniques, basic character rigging and the animation process with the Arena motion capturing system.

Software I already worked with:
  • Autodesk 3DSmax
  • Autodesk Mudbox
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Programming

    In my minor subject computer science I learned basic and advanced coding techniques. It is important for every game designer to be able to code simple prototypes to demonstrate his ideas. Most of the time I worked with Unity 3D or the Game Maker Engine. I also started getting into Unreal 4. Also some advanced webdesign skills are helpful, like creating an online portfolio like this.

    Scripting languages I already worked with:
  • Javascript/Unityscript
  • Java
  • Html/Css
  • Basic knowledge: C#
  • Writing

    Furthermore I write game related articles on the Dispositiv Blog. Since last year I am producing the gaming show Level UB on youtube. In contrast to other youtube channels we place high value on scientific content and proper research.


    I also shot some short and image movies during this time. Due to this fact I am also familiar with a lot of video editing programs. The post production and composition of video material is really fun in my opinion. Beside simple cutting in Sony Vegas I got to know advanced editing methods like motion tracking, color grading and rotoscoping.

    Video editing software I already worked with:
  • Sony Vegas Pro
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Here is a contribution for our show levelub. The video is about creating environmental storytelling in videogames. Unfortuntely it is in germay only. Enjoy!

    Client Testimonials

    • I get to do something that millions of people across the world are going to see and enjoy and have fun with. People I'm never going to meet, people I'm never going to see, but when they finish their job tonight, they're going to be playing one of my games and that makes me feel good.

      Pat Lawlor
    • Ideas are cheap. A dime a dozen, as they say. It's the implementation that's important! The trick isn't just to have a computer game idea, but to actually create it!

      Scott Adams

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