I'm Colin Sabry, a game designer and gaming journalist from Bavaria, Germany.

Enjoy this short showreel, so you can get a quick grasp of my work.

Games and prototypes

More information to the games and my tasks during the development.

About me

I am a 29-year-old game and narrative designer from Bayreuth, Germany. I was always fascinated by schemes and systems. Therefore, I like everything digital and especially interactive.

During my time at university I founded the online magazin Level UB. We combined classic video game reviews with current game studies research, like transmedia storytelling. I was mainly responsible for post production and community management.

You can find a playlist of all reviews and coverages I have worked on here (only german).

This is me

I am a hobby author and love creating worlds. There are game designers out there, who think that gameplay is more important than the narrative and vice versa. I believe that both parts are symbiotic and are equally important to create an interactive and immersive experience for the player.

During my time at upjers I had the following tasks:

- Balancing of game economies and player progression of several titles

- Designing new content and quests for existing titles

- The video recording of test players to analyze usability of gameplay and the user interface

- Quality assurance for games by external developers

Narrative Design / Interactive storytelling
Unityscript / Javascript
Content and Quest Design
System Design
Software Testing / Quality Assurance

I have experience with: